Disturbed individuals

May 20, 2009

One of the advantages of using WordPress for blogging is the information it gives you about where readers came from, such as links from other websites.  Some have happened upon this fledgling blog by finding it on a search engine.  Some of the search terms seem fairly reasonable.  This website is clearly relevant for anyone wanting to find out about ‘oxford hope not hate leafleting’ or ‘iwca-independent working class association’.  Perhaps surprisingly, I’ve had no searches that relate to the reference that the title of the blog makes.

But some of the searches are just plain bizarre, and whichever strange type entered them must have been disappointed when they clicked on ‘Vengeance and Fashion’ only to be confronted with my ramblings.

For instance, who would want to look for ‘blears smith harmon fashion’?  Now, the New Labour matriarchs may be role models in terms of sanctimony, hypocrisy, and plain weirdness in the case of our Hazel, but fashion?  Maybe it was Hazel herself searching for ‘fashion for short people’, presumably to be claimed on expenses, which was deemed ‘unacceptable behaviour’ from Brown who then allowed her to stay in position.

I’m not sure what half cocked undergraduate thesis ‘effect of capitalism on social vengeance’ was used to find supporting evidence or ideas for, but no doubt there will be a lucky lecturer finding out soon.

The data provided by WordPress is presumably there to aid blogmasters (for that is what we call ourselves, or maybe that’s just me) boost traffic to their sites.  In the case of Vengeance and Fashion it seems to be mentioning ‘hope not hate’ and ‘short people’.  Among the other bizarre height-challenged searches that have led unsuspecting shorties to this site have been ‘short people are worthless’ , ‘jobs for short people’ and ‘league of short people’.

I suspect a link between the three.  Someone who needs a cushion to reach the table in a Japanese home has been clearly finding out who is bashing short people, and is planning a coalition of superheroes – the League of Short People.  They probably need a height specific job to fund it.

If the League of Short People want a guest post, I’d be happy to oblige.  I’m kind of average height, so I’ll be talking about the tallies next week from the comfort of anonymity in a crowd.  In conclusion though, the short people are welcome at Vengeance and Fashion.   Except Hazel Blears, she’s banned.