A New Initiative

January 14, 2010

It might only be an electoral coalition, but the long wait for ‘Son of No2EU’ seems to be over – the Socialist Party has announced the creation of a ‘Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition’.  Even though it doesn’t have any national union backing, it does have the personal support of Bob Crow (which is significant) and Brian Caton of the POA (less significant as he’s in the Socialist Party).  It’s not clear at the moment who else is involved, but it would be good if the Communist Party and smaller groups threw their hats into the ring, to ensure that it genuinely is a uniting of left forces rather than just the Socialist Party and a few leading trade unionists (however impressive these are).

I’ve argued on this blog before that a new broad left workers party is essential, a drum the Socialist Party have also been banging for a while now.  It’s clear that any differences that exist in the Labour Party are purely of presentation, whether to be honest about making cuts t0 public services or whether to pretend that you won’t, while secretly planning on it.  The eccentricities of the electoral system mean that when Labour lose in May or June, they lose a lot more narrowly than their popular vote warrants.  The right-wing union leaders and some in the blogging world will no doubt harbour illusions that the party can somehow be won back, but the only decent thing a socialist can do would be to contribute towards killing off the party.

Talking of bloggers, I was sad to see that Nation of Duncan, and Leftwing Criminologist (who also blogged at the newer site ‘And Now for Something Completely Sectarian‘) have called it a day.  Time is a precious commodity for active socialists, and I can understand why they have decided to do this, but it is unfortunate all the same.  Both have supported this blog, and I am grateful to them for that, as well as the many excellent posts they have contributed over the years.