Any Decision You Like, As Long As It’s Yes

October 1, 2009

The undemocratic charade that has been the ratification of the European Constitution Lisbon Treaty will probably take a step nearer to completion tomorrow with the referendum in Ireland.  You may remember there was an identical referendum last year, when Irish voters thumbed their noses at the neoliberal charter 53-46%.

As that was clearly the incorrect decision, so far as the trans-European elite and the Dublin liberal cognoscenti are concerned, the Irish people have been generously afforded another opportunity to make the correct decision.  This time they have been helpfully guided to the right answer by not-at-all veiled threats about the Irish economy going from a shipwreck to nuclear scorched Earth in the event of a ‘No’ vote.

Sadly, opinion polls show that it seems to have worked, but there is still a (slim) chance of a late rally.  The main left No campaign seems to have been a model of unity, and even if they don’t succeed in a remarkable second No vote, they have laid bare the undemocratic nature of capitalism, and the pro-big business agenda of the European Union.

Below are three videos produced by elements of the No campaign, featuring People Before Profit Alliance Councillor Richard Boyd-Barrett, Socialist Party MEP Joe Higgins and Sinn Fein speakers: