Worthy Causes

No time for a proper post this week, so I’ll simply plug a few causes I think are worthy of a mention:

Hands Off the People of Iran – It is ludicrous to suggest that a tiny sect like the CPGB could operate a front such as this.  Rather it is a broad campaign that takes the classical, and correct Marxist position of opposing the theocracy and imperialist intervention.  Despite the silence of the media, the situation in Iran is very much alive, and there will surely be more protests and uprisings to come.

Defend the Four – Four members of the Socialist Party have been shamefully witchhunted by the pro-New Labour leadership.  They have been suspended from office but are continuing their efforts to clear their names.

Save Vestas – The occupation might be over but the struggle continues.

Defend Tommy Sheridan – Defending Scotland’s well known socialist ahead of his State initiated witchhunt of a perjury trial.


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