Defend Tommy Sheridan

A message from the organisers of the Defend Tommy Sheridan campaign:

“Organisers of the campaign set up to defend Tommy Sheridan against a political witch-hunt have called on supporters to rally outside of the High Court when Sheridan and his partner Gail appear at a preliminary hearing.  Jim Monaghan, spokesperson for the Defend Tommy Sheridan Campaign, said:

“We are calling on supporters of the campaign, and others with an interest in justice, to come to the court to show their support for Tommy and Gail.  Politicians who claim expenses fraudulently are seemingly immune from the law, yet Tommy is singled out for a massive investigation that is going nowhere.  From the start, this case has been a political witch hunt.”

The hearing takes place on Monday 13 July at 10.00am at Edinburgh’s High Court.

Vengeance and Fashion will be there to support them, please come along if you can.


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