Aya-tell-you this

I could cover in depth something heavy like the elections in Iran, but I’m afraid the depth of my knowledge on the country can only ever run to a couple of sentences in the comments of someone else’s blog, so I won’t embarrass myself by exposing my ignorance in a lengthier post.  But I do think that the main point is being lost in the discussions of the relative merits of Ahmadinejad and Mousavi, which is that neither of them offer anything to the workers of Iran.

Ahmadinejad is not some economic left winger, he’s a privatiser.  Mousavi isn’t going to bring down the theocracy, he merely offers a few piecemeal reforms.  Both candidates received the official OK from the Council of Guardians, the Ayatollahs.  Many other candidates, who presumably either offered outright opposition to the regime or greater reforms than could be stomached, were prevented from standing altogether.

An excellent campaign was launched a few years ago called Hands of the People of Iran (HOPI), which takes an independent class line on the Iran question, opposing both imperialist intervention and theocratic tyranny.  This stands in stark contrast to the disgraceful apologism for imperialism or theocracy of the Decents on one hand, and the anti-imperalism of fools on the other.  Please visit the HOPI website to find out the truth behind the media distortions.


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