V&F has taken the plunge

And has decided to throw his lot in with No2EU-Yes to Democracy, has obtained some leaflets and is canvassing, so no time for a blog post today.  Will be back next week hopefully with an all-action preview of the elections, but for now I’ll leave you with this:


3 Responses to V&F has taken the plunge

  1. Duncan Money says:

    Good to have you on board.

    Too little, too late though I reckon (not you personally, I mean the initiative as a whole!). We could have done with this being set up in February and an official launch in April at the very earliest.

  2. vengeanceandfashion says:

    Yeah I agree, it does seem to have been bedevilled by a kind of last minute amateurism, hopefully the British Left won’t allow Summer to destroy the momentum though, and start planning for a united pro-worker party for the general election on June 8th.

  3. Duncan says:

    Don’t get me started on amateurism…

    I’m in two minds about some sort of united party at the next election. The proposals I’ve seen circulating, from the AWL and other groups, is for a sort of re-run of the Socialist Alliance which is a sure fire way to another round of lost deposits. If the Socialist Alliance is taken as the ideal format then I’d be very sceptical about future prospects.

    It’s worth reading what Red Action (who were right about a lot of important things and wrong about other important things) had to say about the last Socialist Alliance and why it went wrong. I think those same criticisms would apply to a re-run.

    I also increasingly think that there is a good reason why the left isn’t united and we shouldn’t expend energy trying to bring people together who genuinely do want to argue about who had the correct line on the Soviet Union and thus waste our collective time. I begin to suspect that some groups push for ‘unity initiatives’ and conferences so they have a venue to sell papers, move motions and argue with other leftist groups.

    Ideally, as long as we could avoid the situation of two groups standing in the same constituency and come to local agreements about supporting candidates from other groups (here in Oxford I’m sure we’d help the SWP/Left Alternative or the IWCA if they put up a candidate as we certainly won’t be) then I don’t see many advantages in a national organisations, beyond increased media coverage, and a lot of disadvantages in the form of squabbling over a programme and wasting time debating the precise details of certain positions.

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